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Transformational Healing by Alejandria Emelia Kate
Available in paperback and Kindle eBook.
Amazon #1 Best Seller!
Transformational Healing:
Shifting Into an Uplifting Perspective

Written by Alejandria Kate


The Lantern Fairy
New fairy book and cover
Coming soon!
How The Strawberry Got its Seeds by Alejandria Kate How the Strawberry Got Its Seeds
Written by Alejandria Kate

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Happy Thoughts Playbook

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Life Book by Alejandria Kate LIFEBOOK

Would you like to know about your parent's first date? Where and how your grandparents fell in love? Or how about your child's favorite Halloween memory? A Life Book is a verbatim written record of your loved one's life. Preset and detailed questions are asked by the questioner and answered by your loved one. The questions are created to inspire a walk down memory lane and tell a story of your loved one's life. A Life Book is a little piece of history of someone you love.

The final product is delivered electronically in PDF format along with an audio recording of each session. The verbatim transcription is telephonic and is a total of three hours. The transcription will be set up in three one-hour sessions to help the process run smoothly. Only one Life Book per person. Multiple books for the same individual will not be honored.

  Lifebook $300.00
Phone number:

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